IV. Joe Greer

In a time where social media is taking over so much of our life, we can discover people online who make us feel as if we are truly experiencing life to the fullest. Let me explain.

This is Joe Greer, or iogreer on Instagram.

Photo of Greer

Photo of Greer

I found Joe Greer on Instagram, like the other 700k did too, and I was immediately blown away. The colors. The composition. The subject’s performance in the image. All while this is amazing I think, “ Is it really that good, or are the other 700k people persuading me to like his work? I mean surely if 700k people love his work then it must be good, right?” and I can say honestly his work grabs my attention purely because of the colors. These colors are so vivid and warm, it makes you jealous.

His colors are so emphasized that it makes me wonder about black and white. For color emphasizing colors is extremely important. It can be symbolism or just for aesthetic purposes… but for black and white, I feel it’s important for us to focus on texture and how we can expand texture in an image to give us the same warmth that color does so well.