I. Frederic Lagrange

Frederic Lagrange’s images inspire me simply because of the intensity of the colors/richness of the blacks and the seemingly perfect composition of subject and landscape. Not only does the subject portray an emotion in every photo, but the environment he photographs in adds tenfold to the image.

Photo of Lagrange.

Photo of Lagrange.

In 2001, Lagrange launched his own photo career after assisting photographer Nathaniel Goldberg for three years.

Lagrange started doing travel photography initially, then it evolved into many different forms. He would shoot in South Asia and specifically Mongolia. He builds relationship in the community he photographs which may be another reason why I love his work so much. As a documentary photographer, you need to grow roots into the people you are documenting.

His work is stunning. Here are some of my favorite from him.

Lagrange is able to carry that energy from the photos into the video he produced below while in Afghanistan. The video includes photos as well.