XLIII. Nicholas Maggio

Nicholas Maggio’s Instagram bio says, “Professional button pusher", and I don’t like that.

Maggio’s work is nostalgic like previous artists. There is a trend right now to edit with yellowish tan in the highlights of your images. I personally like it, thats up to you.

Most of the features I’ve done so far about people and Maggio shoots that but ironically his photographs of cars are some of my favorite.

Photo of Maggio.

Photo of Maggio.

His images of cars look fast, like really fast. Also I’m really curious to know If he photographs on film or digital. It looks like film.

What makes his work so unique to me is the saturated warm colors. Whenever I think of saturated warm colors, it a gross orange color. Maggio steers away from that and creates beautiful work that seems to defy time.

I’m talking mostly about his car photos, which I think this is the only thing this applies to. His editorial work is great but I don’t get that same feeling. It’s a more outdoor adventure feeling which I guess could be considered a same feeling.