XL. Brian Schindler

Next photographer is actually my mentor back home. He was my church group leader for four years and now he’s like an older brother to me. My favorite thing about him is that I can always go to him for question about running a photography business or just photography in general.

I don’t think now I’ll be asking many questions now.

Photo of Schindler.

Photo of Schindler.

Funny thing is, is that I took that photo above a while back.

He also specializes in wedding photography, but also does lifestyle sessions or engagement sessions. It was great to be under his wing for awhile because I discovered the love for photography, then ended up discovering which side of photography I loved.

His images are beautifully natural. The subjects look so at ease in the photos and he is so great at making them comfortable in their own skin. I think the most important part of being a photographer is connecting to the people in front so it’s almost a transaction. You can give so much as a photographer and that will transfer to the subjects.