I first found Platon from a Netflix series called, “Abstract”, where they featured many different artists from all sorts of industries.

His photos are famous for the people that are within them. Obama, John McCain, and Stephen Hawking were some to grace the camera for Platon.

Photo of Platon.

Photo of Platon.

Platon moved to NYC after getting invited by John Kennedy Jr to photograph for his political magazine, “George.” As time went on he started growing a relationship with Time magazine and the New Yorker where he photographed over 10 covers.

He developed his sense of style after photographing many world leaders, specifically Vladimir Putin. Platon won first place in the World Press Photo Contest for his photo of Putin for the 2007 cover of Time.

His photographs are so iconic because they literally only focus in the subject in the photo. The subjects personality and notoriety create the photos for the audience.

His harsh black and white and deeply contrasted images create a feeling of deification.