XXXVII. Jared Hogan

SCAD Grad numero I don’t know!

Jared Hogan graduated SCAD some years back and has been creating moody surreal films ever since.

I don’t know him personally, but Hogan was on the creative team at my church for a long period of time in Charlotte, NC.

Photo of Hogan.

Photo of Hogan.

When I think of Hogan, I think of the group he was surrounded by at my church along with the people he works with now. He worked with very talented group at my church and they all left to pursue other creative endeavors.

Hogan continuously woks with artists like, John Mark McMillan, Joji, and NeedtoBreathe.

I feel like looking back, like transcendentalists, there will be a period in the film history books defined by moody surreal films. Many dive into the topics of death and show abstract images and how they affect the subject.