XXXVI. Salomon Ligthelm

Salomon Ligthelm is a filmmaker and DP who create beautiful work on film. His films are not only interesting, but visually intriguing. I find myself looking at his stills for inspiration for my film photography.

Photo of Ligthelm.

Photo of Ligthelm.

When it comes to his films, they are pushing the envelop when it comes to the topics of the films and the colors are beautiful His use of films gives the story a moody feel and the colors blend together. Although a lot of the colors aren’t natural, they perfectly blind the colors onto the face of the subjects and the environment they’re in.

There is a group of filmmakers who have a very similar style and I see the way they work from each other. Many of them work together so its easy for them to get constant inspiration from each other.

In his black and white films, there is a lot of atmospheric perceptive that gets caught in the air and is beautiful to look at during the film.

Here’s my favorite of his films.