XXXIV. Miller Mobley

Miller Mobley’s photographs stand out to me because of how vintage they look. I guess vintage can be taken many ways.. but I mean his colors make you feel like the subject is in the past and they give you a feeling of nostalgia.

I’ve brought up the topic of nostalgia a lot in this project, so I guess that’s what attracts me to photos. Photos that are warmer in tone and provoke our emotions.

Photo of Mobley.

Photo of Mobley.

Even in his black and white photos, which he takes a lot of, there is a warmth. I’m not sure if it is the grain coming out in the black and white, but it portrays a sense or familiarity.

His studio photography is very minimal. From what it looks like, it might just be a soft box and some fill. I always respect photographers that can take a great portrait with just one light just because it could be taken so simply and then the photo comes out so unique.

Mobley is based in NYC like most photographers and specializes in celebrity portraiture.

Here’s an interesting interview with Mobley about building relationships with clients.