XLVII. Johannes Hähle

Johannes Hähle was a german photographer during WW2.

I chose to put him in the list because I find it interesting that there are photographers on all sides and we tend to only look at photographs from our winning side. I can see why we do because Nazis suck, but it’s interesting to see there side.

His images show no sympathy for the Jews which we knew to expect.

Professor Norman told me this and it stay with me whenever I do documentary projects.. always looking up at a subject so it doesn’t make them look down in the dumps. She didn’t say it exactly like that but you get the point.

When you look down at someone it makes them look bad, but looking up makes them look like they’re overcoming a situation.

To them they probably thought they were documenting a victory, but now looking back we are seeing people who were blinded by the Nazis.