XLV. Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a outdoor lifestyle/landscape photographer. His images showcase the beauty of the outdoors and why we should go out into the wilderness. You could almost write about how all of his photos are a grand thesis for the importance of nature and why we should become one with it.

He travels consistently for clients and works with major brands like North Face.

Photo of Burkard.

Photo of Burkard.

In a time where it has become so easy to travel, there is so many people photographing themselves traveling and what they see. It’s hard for me to discern who’s actually there to embrace the Earth or just to show that they’re doing cool stuff.

There was a video online about how outdoor photographers take, “blue ass water” photos. Every photos on some people’s website or instagram will only be blue water on a beach.. is it just to make people jealous?

I don’t think Burkard’s is meant to do that. When you seem him on social media you see him really enjoying the outdoors.. like this is where he was meant to be.