XLIII. Giles Clement

Giles Clement works on ambrotype photographs which is a positive photograph on glass made by variant of wet plate colloidal process. Clement creates beautiful portraits of people and celebrities.

The really cool thing about tis process is how everything looks very old and seems to transport the subject back in time.

Photo of Clement.

Photo of Clement.

Part of why I find photography so interesting is how you can freeze a moment forever and with these photographs you can actually go back in time. Even if the subject is wearing Yeezys or Nikes, just the quality of light and the bokeh gives it that effect.

Some musicians have been photographed by Clement including Questlove, Leon Bridges and a shit ton more.

He does advertising work along with commercial, but I think his ambrotype work is his best. He captures atmosphere so well that it casts a shadow on his other work and sadly they don’t live up to the rest.

His photo of Leon Bridges is haunting.