XXXIII. Eric Ryan Anderson

Eric Ryan Anderson is my biggest inspiration right now.

The way he implements color into his highlights is gorgeous. There is always a flat or hint of color that gives the photo a vintage, yet authentic look.

Photo of Anderson.

Photo of Anderson.

I really love how he uses graphics also. A lot of times hell include borders on the film and overlap them onto other photos and create borders using different textures. Just the idea of having the border be so simple and containing such complex images of color and content blow me away.

Anderson’s work is the epitome of clean and classic in my mind. I have a hard time thinking of somebody else right now that inspires me in the portraiture/commercial world right now.

Sorry to be blunt, but I just shit my pants. John Legend in Foley prison.. the photo of three negatives on top of each other is so beautiful I can't. I just had to take a moment. The colors are so light and the blacks are so rich and the whites are so off white.