XXVII. Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson is a photographer who specializes in tableaux photography. Tableaux means a static scene that represents a story, especially with the models standing still in positions to portray the scene.

Photo of Crewdson.

Photo of Crewdson.

Crewdson didn’t start taking photography seriously until he was in undergrad and just took it up as a hobby. He was in a band originally and found success when a song was used in Hewlett Packard’s commercial and they were brought on to Jay Leno.

His senior thesis revolved around portraits in a small town in Massachusetts where he eventually did his first full length series Natural Wonder.

His photographs are dramatic. The way I think of them is a still from a movie set. All the photos are so beautifully lit and the models look as if they were photographed within the middle of a scene. The colors are very subtle and fade into each other. Most of the colors come from things in the scenes like street lamps or lights in a house.