XX. Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley is very different than any other photographers I have on this list, but it’s inspirational nonetheless. Kelley’s work is architectural, but it personifies a portrait. Each photo of a building or space, is treated like an individual. I love seeing his work and thinking about where the lighting is placed to fully exaggerate the space.

Photo of Kelley.

Photo of Kelley.

Each building is a composition and has a point of interest in each photo so Kelley has to make that visually important. He uses the landscape to his advantage too. Photos of rounded exteriors have rolling hills and curving grass field to emphasize the architecture especially if it was built there intentionally.

He started an aerial project showing architecture from a different perspective. Aerial images like the one above look almost fake, like a model town was built just for a photo.

Overall, he’s a great photographer that can make a space feel like home to anyone.