XV. Elliot Ross

I have included a SCAD grad!

Elliot Ross is a great photographer who’s attention to the story and color really inspires me. Especially his photos out west and portraits of farmers gives me a look into what I can possibly do in the future. The crazy thing is how open he was to help an aspiring documentary photographer: me.

Photo of Ross.

Photo of Ross.

I reached out to Ross about possibly interning with him or assisting and he responded back quickly with a message of appreciation, but said, I quote, “I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” Although that is scary for a student to hear, I appreciate his transparency into how we might not all be sure.

On the other hand, his colors and contrast to the environment his subjects are in are beautiful and you forget the images you’re seeing were taken from a camera when it feels like you’re actually there.

Here are my favorite.

He has a great series of journals + photos that he created when on a few road trips. They’re great.. take a look.