XIII. Jeremy Snell

Jeremy Snell is a current working cinematographer/photographer who specializes in more moody and atmospheric work. I found him through his photos that were used for the non-profit, Charity Water. These photos depict malnourished children and parents getting clean water for the first time. He’s been one of my favorite photographers for a while now because of how much I envy moodier work.

Photo of Snell.

Photo of Snell.

What I mean by envy is I feel like I can either make whats truly happiest for my heart and be the only one who appreciates it, or make work that is appealing to an audience and I won’t necessarily love it. I think about this dilemma all the time, but seeing artists like Snell inspire me to go with what I love.

Some of my favorite photos of Snells are silhouettes of people and the haze behind them is always some sort of punchy saturated color.

He definitely uses more studio lighting, which I am not used to, but he does because he first is a cinematographer.

Snell spent a lot of time in Nepal after being asked by multiple non-profits to photograph campaigns for them. Here is one called “Faces of Nepal”.