VIII. Lauren Maccabee

Taking a break from the war and gritty, Lauren Maccabee is one of my favorite up-and-coming photographers. She is mainly a fashion photographer, but also photographs lifestyle and documentary in the same aesthetic as she does fashion.

Photo of Maccabee.

Photo of Maccabee.

What I love about her work is the stark color blocking she has in almost every photo of hers. Every line, background, and clothing creates a district section of the photo that gives to a new hue. It’s interesting to try to correlate this idea over to black and white. Like, how can we “color” block in black and white?

Maccabee has photographed for companies like Adidas, Interview Magazine and Comely.

Her work is stunning.


Here’s a great video of Maccabee behind-the-scenes. Kind of iffy about the whole digital camera in Maccabee’s hands since she’s primarily a film photographer. Love seeing her process though.