IX. Richard Gere

Before coming to SCAD, my 80 year old neighbor, Kathy, came to our door with a book wrapped in this really nice red wrapping paper. She was so excited to be here and I could tell I was going to be too. I unwrapped this book and it happened to be Richard Gere’s Pilgrim, which is now my favorite photo book of all time.

**side note: I had no idea that Richard Gere the photographer was also Richard Gere the actor also. I am shook.

Photo of Gere.

Photo of Gere.

In the late 70s, Gere traveled to the Nepal where he discovered his love and interest for the Tibetan people. While there, he photographed monks and their culture surrounding Buddhism.

These photos are super inspiring to me. Whenever I think of shooting film I always think of how nostalgic it looks and Gere’s work really embodies that. I love how each photo looks as if the sun is setting right ton his subject in each photos. The slight yellow hue in the highlights is very unique as it gives the photos a look of mystery as if this place is long gone.